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Erschienen im April 2014. CPU - Quad-core 2,3 GHz Krait 400, GPU - Adreno 330. Display - IPS LCD, 16M Farben, 1080 x 1920 Pixel, 5,2 Zoll. Interner Speicher - 16 GB, 3 GB RAM. Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat). D6502, D6503, D6543

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Poor battery life due to water damage

I've got a water damaged Sony a2, that's the Japanese version of this phone. It's been water damaged due to use in the shower. The phone seems a bit buggy apart from short battery life but I think this may be due to a broken power button. Is it worth trying to fix or will the water damage effect other areas?

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Lex Man, "short battery life" most likely not related to a broken power button but most likely related to water damage. You do want to start with a new battery. Also, make sure that you clean the phone completely if you have any inclination on keeping it for a while. If you do not clean it properly it will continue to corrode until it is damaged beyond any reasonable repair. I'd suggest that you clean it using this guide. It was written for an iPhone but all the points are pertinent to your phone as well. Use these guides to work on your phone. After that, replace the battery.

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