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Nokia Lumia Icon is a high-end smartphone that runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. It was released by Nokia February 2014 also known as Nokia Lumia 929.

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How to change the mic?


I have a Nokia Lumia 930 (same as the Icon), and 2 of my 4mics are dead. Can't use speakerphone, and can't record voice, recorded videos have mono sound, on skype video calls people can't hear me (same as speakerphone). The diagnostics showed the 3rd and 4th mic are faulty. They were working fine when I bought it. One day they just stopped working. Still has warranty, though, but Nokia Care told me it could take several days to replace. Can you help me to replace it myself?

Thank you.

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I'm not sure in what order they're counted, but if speakerphone doesn't work, then it's top-back mic, so if you have at least one channel working in videos and can use phone as regular, then both bottom mic's are fine, so I'm guessing both top mics are faulty.

Too bad, they're soldered on the motherboard, while bottom mics are easy to replace. Replacing soldered mics would require qualified specialists to do it with the right tools. Especially considering that they're soldered on both sides of the mainboard against each other, so it's quite tricky.

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Yeah, you're right. I've found a wiring diagram of the motherboard somewhere. It is tricky indeed, so I took the phone to a Nokia Care and they fixed it for me.


I have a question though, do you use Windows 10 mobile or WP8.1? I also have problems with top-back mic on W10M and even replaced it, with no effect (it's actually working, but extremely silent). Based on what I found, it's a software issue of incorrect microphone mixing on W10M.

So I wonder if Nokia Care really can fix it without reverting to WP8.1. If they do fix it with W10M in use, then I'm quite puzzled.


I use it with W10M, but the problem started on WP8.1. I also thought it was a software issue, but I couldn't find any fix for it. Nokia Care changed the Motherboard, so it's working now. (I also had that "purple-ish tone" problem with the screen, so they changed that, too.) Basically I have a new phone with +1yr warranty now.


Then I guess there are different versions of 930 (makes sense since there are 3 different display module versions for it with different voltage). And on some of them there is a software problem (on W10M) with incorrect microphone usage.


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The standard answer you will find is that you will have to replace the motherboard. Let the Nokia people do it, they know what they are doing :)

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