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HP Photosmart Premium Wireless All-in-one Color Inkjet Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner introduced 2009.

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My Scanner has black line appear on the docs when it scanned.

When I scanned any type of documents or even copy a documents, it has an output of thick horizontal line on the copied documents. What needs to be done to fix it? seems nothing showing dirty marks or anything that might create a line on the scanner bed. Is it hardware ?

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Hi, Does it occur when you use the ADF, the flat bed or both? Does it occur when you print from a PC? Have you selected the correct paper size in the control panel Copy >copy settings >paper size?


Yes, it does happen on both. and Yes I choose correct paper size. When I use a copier option its the same...


Hi, What about when you print from a PC? I am trying to see whether it is the scanner unit (used for both copying and scanning but not when just printing) or not



This is taken from the HP website and applies to a lot of their printers

If you open the top lid to expose the large glass surface, you will see a thin strip of glass to the left. Please use a lint free cloth and a light glass cleaner and clean this area. On the bottom side of the lid directly above the thin strip of glass, you will see a thin white strip of plastic. Please clean this white strip as well.


When I print from my IMac, just printing no problem at all...

The problem occurred when I Scan and Copy directly on the Scanner bed.

My application for Scanning always hang-up or doesn't work consistently, I had error message instructing me to turn off and on the scanner or re-start the printer.,

I'm just bothered that every time I scan or do like a copier, scan line appear and its so thick.

Thanks for following up on me.


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Most likely a speck, dirt or some foreign body on the Glass (the slender section of Glass) to the Left of the main Body of glass.

All it takes is a tiny dot of dirt. It will print as a continuous line down the entire printout.

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Watched videos, etc, thanks so much Bob, hours of headaches and you have solved my problem. Never even thought of that small glass panel. Thank you!!


Bob is my hero. I went through a zillion support articles. Cant believe it solved my problem. HP should put this as the number one step in their trouble shooting and acknowledge Bob.


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Does not happen when I print . It Does happen when I scan fromm feeder or flat bed and also when I copy

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See the Most Helpful Answer by Bob @seebob about the thin glass next to the main panel.


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I have the 2” stripe as well only when scanning or copying. Printing from computer is fine. I have the line with or without anything on it, top open or closed. It also splits my scanned image in half. I have cleaned glass, reset, adjusted brightness, contrast, different document sizes.

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