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Can I reload my OS without a apple account

I am a internet noob but have used my Macbook for years to do photoshop and garage band work my MacBook has never been used online and as weird as it sounds I have some sort of virus or something that has screwed with the OS I want to reload the OS. I am still running mountain Lion and was wondering how to load it when I dont have a disc or an apple account. Or access to the internet other than through my phone

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I would recommend you visit a friend who has internet access. Bring plenty of beverages & snacks of his/her choice to use their internet ;-}

The next choice here is to buy a USB thumb drive (or external disk) and bring it to an Apple Store so you can use their systems to download the OS installer.

The last option which I think would be more expensive (depending on your cellular service offering) is use your phone as a modem via the USB or WiFi. So you can do the install that way.

Update (01/21/2016)

You might want to see if someone who has a Mac can prep up a bootable USB drive for you with the OS installer on it and then mail it to you. Thats what I would do in this case.

You could also give Apple a call and order the OS installer disk (Mountain Lion). Apple will charge you a fee for that.

You still need to create a bootable external drive here so you can check your internal drive. Do you have a free USB thumb drive 16GB or larger? Do you have an external drive with a backup of your stuff? If not you should get that started before doing anything.

Follow this Samsung guide to setup your phone as a hotspot: How do I Set Up and Use Mobile Hotspot or Tethering on my Samsung Galaxy S5? BIG warning here! The OS installer is a big file! As an example the current OS installer, El Capitan is 6.2GB so it will take awhile to download and your cell service may not allow you to download this large file (data cap). If it cuts out don't worry the downloader will pickup were it failed. But, you'll loose your data service for the month.

You should try to maintain your system better using your phone as a hotspot. Apple and others release updates which you should install.

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Thank you for the answer but I live in an area where internet is only available through cell phones, the nearest apple store is probably 500 miles away and i have to travel a long way to come up with a friend with the internet. however is there some way I can download it from my phone?

My phone is not an iPhone its galaxy s5


Thank you again for your answer and how to set up a hot spot. I think Im going to try this as I do have a large data plan and never come near using all my data. My even give apple a call about ordering a disk . Mail here is really slow. so I wont see it for a while


Boy that is a bummer, where are you? Make sure you have both your phone & MacBook plugged in.


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I suggest that you ask for help in the nearest HACKERSPACE ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspac... )

As I live in Vienna, and I am a member of 0xFF, I can be found at a hackerspace myself sometimes ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metalab )

Just check https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/List_of_Ha... for a hackerspace in your area and visit them ... the guys there are usually friendly and willing to help you AND hackerspaces usually have a good connection to the internet which they may share with you for little or no cost at all.

PS: Unless you are from Nebraska, like Penny ( http://bigbangtheory.wikia.com/wiki/Penn... ) , the next Hackerspace shouldnt be too far away ;P

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With Apple when you 'reinstall' you are only refreshing the operating system files and not actually formatting the entire drive like you would on a Windows computer.

The comment by "The_IT_Guy_You_Don't_Like" is exactly correct. I will however expand on the steps required. Also an Apple ID is required - so setup a free generic one.

You can search it superuser

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I dont understand your answer . What comment was made by "The_IT_Guy_You_Don't_Like" and where are the steps required your talking about and I am searching it thats why Im here.


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