How do I replace my hard drive?

How do I replace my hard drive, in my shield. The drive itself died, and supposedly nvidia claims it is outside warranty.

I have the nvidia image, fastboot stuff and usb. Happy to test, but need to know how to replace the drive itself.

Please advise.

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Just for your information, were you aware of this and are you affected? If you knew about this sorry to have troubled you. Also interested to know how hardware less than 12 months old is not covered by warranty, unless you opened it of course.


It's still all physically intact, nvidia just had some newbie front end guy waive it off and mark it as not apart of the recall, etc... Not joking, I literally cannot get past them on new cases as he marked the serial not faulty and screwed it all up. Hence why i'm trying anything but that. :(


If it's a full replacement part with adapters etc because of how non standard it is, happy to order it... just like any replacement part..


Additionally, once it is installed, I have the recovery image from nvidia, and the instructions + usb/fastboot from nvidia directly for stock. I've done some basic fastboot oem unlocking etc with older samsung phones. Similar processses. Getting the usb to connect first, vital/key...


Hi Peter,

It's getting above me now but this link may be of interest to you. Especially post #6


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