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Pebble's third-generation smartwatch, released in May of 2015. Supports both iOS and Android devices, with up to 7-day battery life.

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Where can I purchase a new glass for my Pebble Time?

Shattered the the glass on my Pebble time, looks easy enough to replace but cannot find anywhere to buy parts. Screen is perfect underneath glass.

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same with my pebble time steel, i got big scratch on the screen, would like to replace the glass, and maybe the battery with it as well, as it was empty for e few weeks...


I've been searching everywhere, to no avail. I contacted pebble support, and they declared they DO NOT SELL replacement parts. They offered me a 15% discount on a new watch. Disappointing. I just want to make my pebble look pretty again, fix the deep scratch right down the middle of the glass.


Hi, bsmithchicago,

Have you thought about this option. Obviously the condition or the price of the watches may not suit but maybe you'll get lucky buying a 'faulty for parts only' watch. You may have to be patient if your model is not there. It will show up eventually. Just a thought. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40...


Got the same answer from pebble support. Very disappointed considering how easy it was to fix. Got a replacement defective watch from eBay and replaced the glass on my watch in less then 30 minutes following the ifixit instruction. I used silicon to replace the adhesive. Went swimming with it already and it's doing great.


Cracked screen on my pebble time steel, I tapped it on back of wooden chair(not hard) screen shattered. Contacted support what a joke, they said they could not fix, they said 15% off new watch. Spent $299.00 on watch, what a rip-off and they do not sell parts.


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@wtl66 , I have a pebble time steel that has been ruined, but the glass is still good. If you want it, email me at rodb@baconplanet.com

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@rodB I'm interested in glass for peeble time steel. Just dropped my watch 30 mins ago and it shattered the glass. Also where can I find instructions on how to replace it?


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