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No LCD, no Touch ID. How to fix?

I got an iPhone with no touch ID and no LCD. I read a lot of issues with it having no ability to restore without a touch ID, and I was wondering if Apple replaced those without an LCD replacement and how much it would cost.

If I were to get a replacement LCD and touch ID sensor, I know the touch ID won't work but will I be able to use it as a home button?

If I got an out of warranty screen replacement, I think its $109 USD, would that include the touch ID sensor?

It is out of warranty and its a 16GB if it matters.

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I don't think there's any way to replace a Touch ID. Even from Apple. Having them replace your LCD is around $130? Last time I checked

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Its 109 https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/rep...

I read that they replace the touch ID when they do the LCD replacement.


Oh, they went down, on their prices. In some areas. I dunno if they do. Would be really nice to get a new home button


Also, you can only get it a new home button from them. That's if they do it


I can ask them I guess, I'm used to doing DIY so I'm just wondering if I can replace it cheaply. On the bay it used to be roughly 30 for LCDs for the iPhone6 I think, but it went up recently to 70, so I'd rather have it replaced by apple.


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