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The TomTom ONE is a base model automobile navigation device. The first TomTom ONE was released in November, 2005.

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Had the wrong setting on my universal charger when charging my Tomtom

Tomtom won't turn on after wrong charger used. Is there a quick fix.

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There would be no quick fix for your TomTom if any fix at all.

Connecting the wrong charger would most probably have burnt out the components connected to the charge input port. Hopefully that is all but the damage could have gone further.

You would have to open it up and initially do a visual inspection as to what has happened. You may be lucky and only a few components would need to be replaced, but you would have to know what they were (they might now be just charcoal specs - if they are still there that is) and what their value was (not monetary but electrical).

Without a schematic of the device or an exact spare one that you could open up and use as a comparison, it would be impossible to repair yourself. You could try the manufacturer and see what they say.

Hope this is of some help.

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