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Dell Inspiron 15 (1564) was released in 2010.

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How can I factory reset my laptop without a disc?

I received a laptop from a friend who recently got another one. She still had a lot of things on this computer like programs and pictures. The computer runs really slow and the internet does not go to every site like it has parental controls on it so i wanted to put it back to factory but i dont have the discs for it. How can i get this done cause i know its a good computer.

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What version of Windows does it run? There is more then one way to rest.


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Here is a link to the User Manual. If you scroll to p.58 it describes how to restore your laptop to a factory image condition.

Be aware of the following.

1. If the laptop has been upgraded to Win8.1 or Win10 this feature may no longer be available.

2. It will restore the laptop to how it was when it was first built (around year 2010). So to get it up to present day Win7 standard will require a lot of updates.


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