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The Fujifilm X30 is a point and shoot camera with a 3.0 inch LCD screen.

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How do I fix a camera that has been dropped in water?

I was trying to take a picture of my cat while giving her a bath, but she got scared and I dropped the camera into the bath tub. It was only in there for a few seconds, and now it won't turn on. Is there a way to fix it or is it trash?

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Hi Tori,

This is a common question that gets asked. The first thing you should try is leaving the camera completely submerged in a bucket of rice for at least 24 hours. Then try turning it on again. If that does not work, you should try taking off the back panel and repeating the rice procedure. If the camera still will not turn on, the motherboard probably has permanent water damage and will need to be replaced. To do so, refer to this motherboard replacement guide about the Fujifilm X30. Hope this helped.

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I bought a Fujifilm X30 with some problems: many buttons not working, powering on but not off, EVF not working correctly,...

When I received the camera, it worked as advertised.

Following the disassembly guide I managed to tear it down. And I could see it had been on water.

As water lets some white calcium and salts residues over metal contacts.

Then I cleaned every component and connector with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush several times.

Even CCD and lens.

I'll had to insist hard on connectors, trying to reach every inner pin.

If water has entered camera lens, I think would have to replace it.

Finally I managed to get everything working!

I even disassembled the EVF lenses to clean them (see my EVF lens teardown). Although I could not fully clear humidity traces on lenses, EVF vision was much better.

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