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Das iPad Mini 3 ist der Nachfolger des iPad mini 2 (iPad Mini Retina). Seine Erscheinung wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt.

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Home button not responding after placeing it

I recently replaced a customers iPad mini 3 digitizer, telling her touch ID would no longer work if we damaged the home button ribbon, which we did. After replacing it it does not work or respond. It works fine if i have the digitizer sitting up, but once i lay it down onto the ipad it stops working. Anyone have any issues like this?

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With that original home button damaged the touch ID will not work, and when the iPad is updated it will get the error 53. With those home buttons apply lots of heat and go SLOW!!! Make sure you are using kapton tape on the bottom just like the mini 1&2 and lastly using a good quality screen. This sounds like a issue of the ribbon cable on the digitizer being bent or folded incorrectly. I just did a iPad mini 3 two days got the screen from Ifixit and no problems looks and works great!!!

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