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Der Game Boy kam am 21. April 1989 in Japan auf den Markt, dann am 31. Juli 1989 in Nordamerika und schließlich am 28. September 1990 in Europa. Er ist erkennbar an einem großen grauen Gehäuse und der Modellnummer DMG-01

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How do I get sperglue off the display?

Many moons ago the window on my gameboy fell out so I refitted it using superglue but I must have got some on the actual lcd display itself.

I'm now trying to remove this glue, I have tried IPA, sticky stuff remover and nail polish remover.

Is there any way to remove this glue or do I need to find a new display?

If I need a new display, where can I get one?

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Here is a link which shows how to remove/replace the LCD screen. It may be of interest to you.


As mentioned in the comments listed under the video, the best bet to get a screen is find a broken unit that has a good screen.

As for removing the superglue. Was the nail polish remover you used acetone or non acetone based? Acetone is best for removing superglue as the non acetone based nail polish remover doesn't work so well.

The other sure way to remove superglue is not recommended around electronics ever. It involves water, covering with damp cloths and clingwrap for 3-4 hours, peeling it off as it softens. Definitely a no - no.

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Acetone will take the glue off, but the paint will come off as well.

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