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The Motorola DROID MAXX is the successor to the Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

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Gallery view and video play back problems on Droid Maxx

Hello, I am trying to figure out why videos that were playable will not play suddenly, has anyone else had this problem with their Droid Maxx Are there any ideas for fixing this without factory reset

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Did you update any apps, install any new apps or even do a system update just before you noticed that it wasn't working?


Well it's my moms phone but as far I know everything is up to date , there have not been any downloads or system updates that I am aware of


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Try the following:

This first part is just a safeguard action.

Connect the phone to a PC and copy all the files in the DCIM folder(s) in the phone, (there may be two DCIM folders if you have an SD card installed as well) to your PC. These folders contain all your pictures and videos.


Once that is done, disconnect from the PC and do the following in the phone:

Go to Menu > Settings > Apps > swipe across to all > scroll down to Gallery, tap to enter, then tap Force stop. Follow the prompt to OK. Then tap clear data

Block Image

Block Image

Return to the home screen and tap Gallery app and see if it works properly. Your pictures and videos should still be there. As I said, the first part above was just in case something goes wrong and they are lost from the phone. I performed this action on my two (different brands) Android phones and the pictures /videos were still there and were not deleted. Gallery settings may be changed back to the default settings from what you had them. I have never changed mine so I do not know if this will be the case or not.

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