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Won't Power Up, No power light.

I've got a DS Lite I'm trying to get working. When it's plugged in, the amber light comes on like it's charging, but it won't power up. I've torn it apart and played with it for a couple of hours, and have some interesting details, but I've reached pretty much the end of what I can find info about....

It doesn't seem to be either of the fuses, both test ok

It seems to be something in the area of the contact pads INS+, INS-, VDET, and PVOD. I sort of accidentally found that if I had my thumb on those, it would work, and it would stop working shortly after I removed my thumb. I've tried every combination of jumpering one contact to another with 0 success. At this point I am thinking maybe my thumb is pushing down into one of the holes in the board, and that's getting it.

There are quite a few combinations possible if I include both the pads and the holes that my thumb would cover, so I'm hoping someone can maybe point me in a useful direction.

Any ides?

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Check the F1 and F2 Fuses. They really often blow up, then the DS won't boot anymore.

When they're blown: 400mA Fuses, SMD.

Good luck!

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try charging it,if it is still not booting try replacing the motherboard

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help....my sons ds wont power up!! tried new battery but same outcome......charge on amber light for 5 mins then goes off....shall i keep it or bin it??

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same problem with a water damaged motherboard, still haven't found out what this problem is. Anyone ? Also its possible to boot the motherboard up by connecting the charger cable, and making contacts between the (pwsw/green) (for power) contact and some of the contacts above the leds. or connect it to the resistors, Normaly the motherboard should boot up when you connect pwsw and green, this does not work. But Yeah! There is something with INS- VDET and PVOD contacts, somehow on either other way when you press them and try to turn on the DS it turns sometimes on and off. i am surtain something here with the battery circuit is wrong, maybe, just throw it in the fryer. ^c^

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