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The global version of the Asus PadFone X, the PadFone S was released in June 2014. The replacement of some of the parts of this phone will require a screwdriver, plastic prying tools and tweezers. The device comes in black and white.

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How to replace a broken simcard slot?

My sim card padfone S is broken, how the steps to fix it? is it the same with other brand simcard slot (microsicard)? because spare Asus Padfone's a bit hard to find my city.

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You can replace with Galaxy S3 sim card slot, because Asus Padfone S sim card slot have the same shape as Galaxy S3

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can you show me how to replace it? (like video tutor)


Great info thank you but how would you go about swapping it out? Do you need to solder the new sim slot in or is it a push fitment? Many thanks


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