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Das iPad Mini 4 mit der Modellnummer A1583 hat die gleiche Power wie das iPad Air 2 in kleinerem Format. Es wurde am 9. September 2015 angekündigt.

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Home Button Ipad Mini 4 Pinout? Wiring Diagram?

I am looking for a pinout for my Ipad Mini 4. I got a new screen/digitizer and it did not come with a home button. Old one is gone (my bad). So I am trying to figure out if the Ipad Mini 3 home button MAY work but I don't think it will directly. Is there perhaps a way I can wire one up? I don't need the fingerprint scanner to work just a simple home button. Does anyone have a pinout for this thing. Thanks

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If you don't have the original home button do not restore or update your iPad because you will get error 53 and your iPad will be bricked by Apple.


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hi. i had this same problem. i wanted to fix an ipad mini 3, (careless of touch id working) the home button flex was ripped apart and had no connector end any more. just the original home button end (included button itself).

using a mutimeter located the two pins that activate the button on the flex. ( second and third on the side nearer to the home button)

once i had those i was able to solder thin wires .

what i thought was the hardest part, it became the easiest (the motherboard side) i remember, on ipad and ipad 2 and ipad mini. home button sense is just GROUND !!! so i grounded the first pin from the home button connector on the motherboard and it worked!!! this is the first pin closer to the battery connector.

which it means you just need to run a wire from there to home button and the other pin from home button to GROUND :) so when you push the home button just GROUNDS that pin.

i have pics that i cant paste here. but please emailme to: smartphones@hotmail.com


be glad to help

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Thanks for the info, I had a client which was a worker from another repair shop that bring a iPad Mini 3 home button cable which they ripped unfortunately at the home button flex side. This helped a lot.

Decided to use some thicker wire and solder directly on home button assembly flex and not ground to motherboard. Whatever works I guess.


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The iPad mini 3 home button is soldered onto the flex cable. If you don't have soldering skills I would recommend purchasing a screen with the home button pre installed. The Touch ID will not work anymore. If you get a error 53 when updating install latest update on iTunes, Aplle just released the update today...

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