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Is my hard disk bust?


After a power cut, my Imac failed to reboot correctly. It took an eternity to start up and I ended up on the disk utility page. I ran a diagnosis an the system appeared to be ok.

I was able to get onto my wi-fi system but unable to either install a new copy of OS X, or to restore from my back-up external disk. In both cases there was no target disk, i.e.. my main internal hard disk.

I presume that this means the disk is failed, but don't understand how I can get as far as the disk utility.

Any ideas or confirmation of the diagnosis?

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What operating system are you running? You may have a repair partition on the drive. Boot up holding down the option key and see if you get two choices. Select the Recovery Partition. Now run Disk Utilities on the other partition and let us know your results. That failing, try staring up from the original system installation disk by inserting the disk on boot up and holding down the "C" key.

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As Mayer stated, there could be issues software wise. However, in my case, with a similar issue, a new drive was needed to fix the issue. Keep us posted.

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