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Repair guides and support for the external iSight webcam by Apple released in 2003.

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Can this be upgraded?

I recently found that I own this piece of equipment and its a fine piece that was crafted really well. I want to continue using it, but I do not want to be limited to the crappy resolution given by this camera. I wanted to know if it was possible to open this bad boy up and reconfigure it with better parts to increase its resolution and make it into a camera that fits up to modern day standards. If it is possible are there any guides out there to show me how and a buy list of products that work? Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Hey just want to see if anyone has successfully done this?


my camera has no yet worked although I have a 400 800 hook up. the camera has started to get warm. I'm thinking that's not a good sign. It is a bautiful piece of equipment though.


Ah cool. But I’m really hoping to upgrade the camera inside with some newer gear perhaps pulled from iMac etc. Has anyone succeeded in this hack?


Hi I don’t think this questions has yet been answered. [br]

@mayer @devonmoscoso do you have anything new you can add to this? Did you guys give it a try?


Opening up the iSight was easy enough but reconfiguring the parts was more than what I was capable of at the time. There isn’t much information on it anywhere for a breakdown of its parts. I personally ended up buying the Logitech Brio and opted to use that. I could potentially revisit this and look into using a 3D printer but work has kept me from tinkering with parts as much.


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Not an answer but wanted to kick in on discussion. Interesting issue.

I've got three of these and use them on my Mac Pros but I've never torn one down. The newer iMac cameras are much better. MacTech + @mactechplus has used pulled cameras to make USB ones. (I'll forward this question to him so he'll see it) But the camera is in the center. Maybe @oldturkey03 can tell if it would be possible change from the Firewire 400 to USB power. Also I have to use an adapter to change it from Firewire 400 to 800 as the ports disappeared after about 2008.

Can I upgrade the isight camera to an new FaceTime HD Camera?

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Thanks for coming into the discussion. I personally just love re-purposing items when they can be used and the design is amazing. It would be such a shame to discard it to the side without finding out if it could be upgraded. Thank you for dropping a message and linking others who can contribute to the conversation.

I've also had to use an adapter to get the camera to work with newer models. The camera itself is just fantastic. Just to be clear in the link you provided you stripped two cameras and made them USB compatible? Is there a guide to that. Would love to look into it. I do have a few computers sitting around that I may just tear apart for good. Too much damage on them and some pieces are still in mint working condition.


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Reviving this thread but I have found an answer. Yes, it can be done!!! As of recently, Max Braun on Twitter has successfully put a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Raspberry Pi Camera Module into an iSight Camera. You can read his article about it here and his Github Repo can be found here.

I am planning to do it for my iSight Camera soon! Just waiting for the parts!

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Wonderful! This should be the accepted answer now. I will also try this myself.


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