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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Cooling light staying on

Why cooling light on and dryer won't dry clothes?

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Everything seams clean,could the thermostat be defective


I had the same problem. I put a volt ohm meter on the socket it said 240. But apon further inspection i found the socket was bad even thought it said 240. I replaced the socket and it works great.


I also have the same problem with my dryer. It wont heat and the cooling light keeps flashing right after I start the dryer. I have also replaced the heating element, the thermostat, the thermositor, the thermal fuse and the control board; also with no luck. These are made by LG and I will never buy another one.


I had the same problem. Put a new igniter in, nothing. Check the sensor bars , nothing.

I then pulled the vent hose off, then the tube from inside the dryer that the vent hose connects too. Look inside the ( gas ) dryer and there is a sensor on another tube that has two wires connected to it, in between

Those two wires is a reset button. I pushed it and my dryer gets hot. The cooling light still stay on. But it gets hot


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That cooling light will normally stay on constantly during the cycle. It will begin blinking at the end of the cycle when the cycle goes into the cool down. If that light begins blinking shortly after starting the dryer in an automatic moisture sensing cycle then you could have a problem with the moisture sensing circuit. In that situation, see if the dryer will heat and run properly in a Time Dry cycle. If it works properly in the Time Dry cycle then I recommend that you check the sensor bars to see if they are coated with residue or lint that could prevent the control from detecting moisture. Those bars are on the lint screen housing just inside the dryer door. If necessary, you can clean those bars with rubbing alcohol.

If those bars are clean, then you could have a wiring failure or a control failure that is causing this problem.

If the cooling light stays on constantly and does not blink before the dryer turns off, then the moisture sensing bars are probably not causing this failure. You may see an error code when the dryer stops. I recommend that you check that display.

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i have same problem with my dryer, it wont heat and the cooling light keeps flashing right after I start the dryer. I have replaced the heating element, the thermostat the thermositor , and the thermal fuse, and the control board but no luck, any ideas?


Mine is only 3 months old. Cool light stays on, heating bars are clean, vent is clear, tried dry clothes and wet clothes, and still no heat.


everett yours is covered under warranty - use it


My Kenmore dryer doesn't seem to dry the clothes quickly enough. I saw the cooling light steady on and have concern. Now after seeing this comment, I know it is working properly. I still want to know how I find the moisture sensor and I also want to clean up the holder for the lint screen and wonder if there is any advice to do it. Thanks.


@hni please give us your exact model number


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