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Battery Only Charges In Car.

I bought an refurbished iPod Classic 80GB off a guy on yahoo. When I first got it, the hold switched messed up within days and I couldn't take it off hold. I sent it back to th guy an he replaced thehold switch and put in a new battery. Since I've gotten it back, it will not charge on the computer or wall chargers. It says it's charging when it's plugged up but when you unplug it, the battery life is the same as before. It will never go dead while on the charger but it won't charge. When I plug it into my car charger, it charges quickly to alittle less than half and quickly drains after being unplugged. Why is it doing this?

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Hmm, if it's an iPod Classic, that makes me wonder if maybe the USB charging pins are problematic. A lot of car kits used the FireWire charging standard, which was much more powerful than USB.

But I'd start with replacing the battery- that's certainly easier than fixing the dock connector!

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It sounds as though you have a bad battery. I have noticed that my iPod and iPhone do charge more quickly when plugged into the car. It seems as though you are able to give the battery a quick boost but the capacity is depleted. If the guy you bought it from is unwilling to repair it or you don't want to go through the hassel of dealing with him, you may want to tak eth opportunity to pickup a battery kit from here and try the repair yourself.

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I bought my iPod Classic 160gb at a store, and I have had my iPod for several years.

For a few years I have had trouble charging it with a wall/usb charger, and the iPod classic only charges with a car charger.

I can't use an iPad or other iPod wall/usb charger to charge my iPod. The only wall/usb charger my iPod classic worked with was the one it came with in the box. I think I gave the charger away when I gave a way my old iPod. I thought since the iPad and iPod shuffle wall/usb charger came from Apple that they would work with any Apple products that used the same style of charger.

I had my iPod reset so hopefully it fixes the problem with the wall/sub charger

I think I should buy a new iPod but I love the iPod I have plus i don't use it a lot for long periods of time and it works apart from the wall/usb charger compatibility issue .

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