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An all-new Passat, based on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, was launched in 1998 in North America.

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passat 2000 2.8 the car start for a minute and stop

passat 2000 2.8 the car start normal for 2 minutes and stop Running change the spark plugs and wire still doing the same thing.

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I also have this problem...the car will start run and shut off at any time. Obd is not reading the computer in the car. i have been told that its electrical in the dash..i have been told fuel pump which a fuel pump assembly was replaced and problem still persist. Someone please please help me...


Also my blinkers and hazard lights aren't working...once this happened the other issues with the car happened


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When the car stops will it start again right away or is it difficult to start. Just a few things you can check . your coil, your fuel filter which is likely the most probable cause followed closely by the fuel pump. You may also want to check for a leaky fuel line . Does the car have power when it starts or does it immediately bog down and die if so see if the air filter is plugged . Is the car throwing any OBDII codes if so which ones knowing can help. Hope this is helpful let us know how you make out

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