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The Eton FRX3 is a versatile, multi-purpose emergency radio designed to keep you informed and your phone charged whether it’s rain or shine.

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Internal Battery not holding charge, how do I fix it?

After having the radio on the box for a year, I decide to use it for hurricane season and the battery is not holding the charge. Does anyone knows how to fix this problem?

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To preserve the life of the battery, the device is shipped with the rechargeable battery unplugged. Just take off the back cover and make sure it’s plugged in. Also, you should let your device completely charge as recommended in your owner's manual. If the device keeps dying faster than expected then you probably have a worn/faulty battery and it has to be replaced. There’s some simple instructions for this here.

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I also have this problem, but do you know where to buy a replacement battery pack for the FRX3? The battery pack itself has no part number listed, just the battery specs. Is this a standard type of battery, and if so what is the part number? Thanks for any help you could provide.


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