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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H200 is a digital camera. This device is capable of taking photos and recording HD video in 720p. The model year for this camera is 2013.

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My lens is stuck in the out position?

my sony camera lens is stuck in the out position. my camera turns on but none of the functions work. my batteries are good. can this be fixed?

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jimcameron I recognize this is an old question and that you probably have this fixed by now. Just answering it for completion sake.

A lot of times this is actually caused by something that is interfering with the lens extension mechanism. If your camera detect that there are issues with the lens it will have the same response. Check on here for some more information and potential fixes. Personally I have had not much luck with those and replaced the lenses on cameras. Definitely worth a try. Here is what Sony says about the hard reset.

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