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Size: 208.4*123.1*10.3mm Weight: 400g Colors: Black

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Forgot passsword and cannot get in

Good Morning,

My friend has a Digiland tablet, Model #DL808 and is locked out; He cannot can't remember his password. He is severely disabled and asked me to help, however I'm not sure how to reset it? I powered off the unit, then held down the volume and power buttons to boot, but when it comes up there are 6 icons on the screen and I am unable to select any of them. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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You need to get windows into system restore. follow windows guides to fix this issue. If not reintall OS with USB Hub. See my answers on this for this tablet

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Danilo Cordero which one of your answers addresses the issue stated by the OP?


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