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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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Broken Digitizer replacement question

Hey there... So I am one of the MANY people that have a broken digitizer/lcd for the Galaxy tab s2. (sm-t817v)

I have repaired EVERYTHING myself in my life and while researching the part for the tablet, I've noticed there's one other glalaxy tablet that has the same exact size and placement of the home key. (Samsung told me it would be 300 dollars... And all my locals can't "find the part")

The galaxy tab A (T550 and the P550 model numbers)

From what I can see... It looks like this digitizer will be completely the same!

I know with some different generations of iPads and phones... the digitizer is interchangeable. (being able to buy cheaper parts for newer models.)

What I need help with and as much certainty as possible..... Is.....

Can we (tab s2 users) buy the Tab A model digitizer replacement.... And use that screen on the tab s2?

If not or even if so... A small description of why?

Thank you all!

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3 Antworten

I would not think so. The driver for the graphics chip might not support a different screen that is not AMOLED for one. Adding that model screen, resolution, and all the changes of displayed video to be NOT a smaller resolution. The programming is for a different resolution screen (S2), then that of the Tab A. That would be my first exploration, programming of the OS to see if the driver supports a different screen.

THEN you have ribbon compatability issues. Will that screen of the Tab A plug into the motherboard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?(via ribbon cable). Again, I doubt it. 24 braided ribbon vs 18?? (For example).

THEN every app would need to be downloaded for the Tab A to support the resolution the Tab A screen is ( in the 'Tab S2'). Or add a line of programming get for each area to display X,Y, UI ect.

Simply put Tab A OS into the S2? Then have to program for a different CPU? It goes both ways.

My answered is no, unless you have money to hire programming and manufacturing to adapt. :) if you had it, I would do it. Or buy another table to for the sake of the (hobby experiment).

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OK so my next question.... It's a sm-t817v (Verizon model) I can't find anyone selling a digitizer for this exact model.... But I find a ton that are still the same screen size... But it's saying for model t810/t815 will THOSE work?


I would think so. It is the same screen.

Sorry for the late reply , what did you end up doing?


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i have one apart right now, The T-550 has 2 separate parts, the digi and the LCD, while the P-550 is a single unit of the LCD/DIGI.

Hope his helps your research.

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Had another question:

I had two of the tab S2 - One is not working at all and the other one has a burnt screen.

Can I use the lcd on the not working one to replace the lcd on the burnt one?

Thank you for your time!

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