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Audio/Video receiver, originally manufactured by Pioneer in 1998. Features include 100Wx5 amplifier, 6 channel input, Dolby Digital, DTS & DSP, S-Video switching, 4 digital inputs, 1 digital output.

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Volume Control Knob Acting Strange

My Pioneer VSX-D608 receiver (from 1999!) is having a small issue with its volume knob. When I twist the knob, sometimes the volume increases a little and then stops, sometimes it will go the opposite direction, and sometimes it does not change whatsoever. This is a video of the behavior. It seems random, but I can get it sometimes to adjust correctly if I twist the very, very slow. Adjusting the volume with the remote works fine, audio/video functions work fine, everything but the volume dial works perfectly. Is there anything I can do? Or am I stuck with the remote to change the volume?

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My vsx d509s goes straight to high volume when I turn it on. The volume control has no effect on the volume, and it does this on all speaker outputs.


Hi I have a pioneer elite vsx-lx503 and the volume keeps going all the way up to max how or what can I do to fix it ?


the balance button is stuck on mine so the sound is stuck all the way to the left when i use the headphone port


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The volume control 'encoder' is probably either faulty or dirty.

Try this first, (if you want to).

Disconnect the power from your receiver. Remove the top cover on your VSX-D608. Remove and pull out the black plastic knob (volume control) located on the front of your receiver. Look behind the volume control and you'll see a small board with the encoder mounted on it. Undo the screws holding the board and gently pull out the board. Gently use a small flat head screw driver and push/pry (be careful, you do not want to break them) away the 4 lugs that are holding the top cover on the encoder in place. Then gently pull out the knob which separates the assembly. Using an electronics 'contact cleaner' spray (this can be purchased from electronics stores, do not use WD-40 or similar products), spray and gently clean the inside of the encoder. Be very careful not to bend the small fingers located inside the unit. Sometimes there is some 'gunk' inside that is hard to clean so you need to use the cleaner and spray a few times. When dry, install the volume control back and push the small 4 lugs back into place. Rotate the control back and forth to ensure it moves smoothly. Install the board back into place, replace the top cover on the unit and plug the unit back in. Test it to make sure it works correctly.

If the above seems a bit daunting , buy a new encoder part # ASX7004 (not 100% sure on this point as cannot find out exactly but if AWX7386 is stamped on the encoder it is no longer available and the ASX7004 is the replacement for it. (AWX7836 is the part # used on VSX model # before and after yours, so I made an assumption about your as I couldn't find anything about your particular part) If there is a different number stamped on the encoder 'Google' it to get the correct part). Here is a link, there are others but nearly all say 'out of stock' http://alltronicmarketplace.com.sg/asx70... You'll have to desolder the encoder from the board assembly and then solder in the new one. The link also shows what it looks like.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Cleaning the encoder worked great, thanks!


Thnx a lot! Very easy even for someone with very little technical skills.


Thank you both. I just followed the directions to fix mine as well


Worked like a charm!


Amazing, such an easy fix. All good now, this was for my lg DVD I’ve had for 10 years now, so glad I didn’t get rid of it . Thank you !!


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