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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Cracked front screen...cheapest way to fix

I cradled the front screen on my edge plus, can I repair myself

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I was just looking for the same advice and I had a bright idea. Clear nail varnish!! I just touched up the fractures and it's usable again now. The dark black chip I have I am building up with a peachy varnish then letting it dry and alternating with the clear to build up that area. Yes, I am a cheap genius! LOL

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First of all is the upper glass cracked or LCD or both ? if it is the LCD then good luck paying about 180 euro ! anyway if it is only the glass cracked then there is a chance you could do it by following this dude's steps


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The lcd screen, touch screen and front glass are already bonded together by strong adheisve, so it is hard to replace only one of them by DIY repair work. Though to buy the front glass replacement is cheaper than the whole screen replacement, but it is more dangerous and you may damage the display or digitizer if you just repair by yourself. And it is better to buy the whole screen replacement. But if you still want to replace the glass only, you'd better ask the professional for help.

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