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Replacement CRT for a Sony KV-27HFR TV


Which model of CRT can be a used as a replacement for a Sony TV model KV-27HFR ?. I don't have the data of the CRT. However I know it's the original one since it was never before replaced.

Any help will be great. Thanks.

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Gerardo Hernandez Molina that is an unusual item to replace. I hope you replaced those before and are used to working on CRT's. There is an inherent danger with those CRT's if not worked on properly, there is some extreme high voltage with that. Anyhow, to answer your question, the CRT is a A68JMT50X and Sony's part number for that is 8-737-753-05

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Yeah I know it. Thanks for the info.

By the way, before I replace it I was thinking in using a CRT rejuvenator. I know what are the possible results that can be achieved using one. I previously saw some schematics for build one. However I don't trust of them. If possible, can you recommend me a schematic for building one?. Or, do you have heard of one that works?.


I am not really a friend of tube rejuvenators (but that goes for amp tubes, never done one on a CRT). On the amps I've replaced the tubes. I suppose if I would need a rejuvenator I'd get one from ebay etc. What is wrong with your CRT?


Ok. I get a worn out CRT. All time I get an unsharp picture. The sharpness do not improve even if I adjust the focus voltage.


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