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The DigiLand DL701Q is a 8GB tablet with a quad core 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor.

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Why is the front camera not working?

When I try to take a picture with my tablet the screen is black when I try to take a picture of myself. However, it is perfectly fine when I try to take a picture that is not facing me the screen is no longer black.

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Some android tablets are very fragile, due to them being cheap, Chinese brand stuff. I don't know if your tablet is name brand or not but either way, that could be from motherboard damage. and that can be caused by dropping the tablet, water damage or even it getting to hot. Maybe you left it in your car on a hot day, its very possible something like that messed it up.

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Yes sorry I just reviewed the details of your tablet. unfortunately that is what I would consider a cheap Chinese tablet. I use to sell digilands at my store, and I had many problems come from them. Mainly they just stop charging for no reason. So I don't doubt that the camera did that. Try contacting the person who sold you the tablet. if its a store, then they might be able to give you some warranty information. they should come with a year factory warrenty


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