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The Microtek ScanMaker 5900 is a high performance scanner that was designed to handle all your digital imaging needs.

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Scanner stops locks-up right before starting a scan.

The ScanMaker 5900 will work fine for numerous scans, but then suddenly freeze for no apparent reason just before beginning to scan another page. It appears to be a program trouble, not a mechanical malfunction. Some programming glitch freezes the scanner, leaving it with a blinking green light instead of the steady "on" green indicator. This has happened before and it's always managed to clear itself after all connectors are unplugged and a few moments pass. None of that is working this time. The jam-up is not in the computer, nor does the jam appear to originate from the computer, it strictly appears to be something within the scanner itself. Is there any way to force a program reset inside the scanner? Perhaps by using some combination of the seven control buttons on the from panel (I'm not counting the seventh "on/off" button).

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Sorry folks, looks like I'll be answering my own question. Seems I was wrong. . .the problem was in the computer. I connected a different scanner which came back with an error message saying my scan attempt failed because whatever scan program it required was already busy. That meant the trouble was inside the computer, not the ScanMaker 5900. With no way to see what the jammed program was, I rebooted the computer and everything is back to normal.

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