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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Wifi and bluetooth not connected


I would like some help with my phone HTC ONE M8, a month ago suddenly my phone stopped to connected the internet through WiFi networks and Bluetooth as well .

When I push the buton to turn on wifi does not start, as well with Bluetooth

I tried to turn on and off Airplaine mode but the problem it’s stil there

I restart the phone to factory setting, but the problem was still there

Sometimes I received these messages: Fail to load driver,reason:Unknow error(19) and Setting has stopped unexpectedly

I want to say that in the(October 2015) I dropped my phone down and my touchscreen it was cracked(the screen is perfect),but after this wifi and bluetooth worked perfectly until a month ago

Two weeks ago(March 2016) I sent the phone to service, but they said that my phone do not have warranty because the screen is broken( I find this very rare).

Can someone help me with any advice or what is better to do? from the service they told me that can repair the phone but the amount is enormous

Thank you in andvance

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I have the same problem with my desire 626 it did get rained on in august 2016 and i did everything properly to get it working but the problem only started the other day ( November 2016) I have had the phone a year but dont know what to do


Hi @willsterht32,

When you say 'did everything properly to get it working', did you open the phone and strip it down and clean it using Isopropyl Alcohol 90+% to remove 'all traces of corrosion and moisture'? If not then perhaps the corrosion is now starting to have an effect.

If so you may have missed some. you may have to open it again and check for any evidence of corrosion


I have the exact same problem with my m8 same error 19 code, please find a solution


You had other problems with your phone ... for exampel broken screen or dropped down?


No I have not cracked my screen however I have dropped my phone a few times in the past, however the wifi was not affected immidiately affected. Only just now has it and the bluetooth completely stopped working whenever i try to turn them on it says turning on then just goes grey and off.


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Well I was using my Hongkong version of M8 earlier.

It was not even connecting to my personal router (a trusty TP-Link TL-WR940) AND my laptop (Windows 10) hotspot, which infuriated me because these two offer titanium-grade connections, despite MAYBE being a bit slow.

Proped in a SIM card. Turned Mobile Data off.

Immediately it found and connected to my PC hotspot. Problem solved.

Firmware issue :)

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