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Repair and disassembly guides for many types of D-Link routers.

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The internet doesnt seem to work through my DI-604 d-link router

I am trying to connect two computers to the internet through the router and its not working. I had it connected in the last place I lived in so Im not sure what the problem is. Can someone please help me with this?


One of my computers has windows xp operating system. The other one is a linux operating system. I go through shaw. SB5100 surfboard cable modem. All the lights go green except the pc activity which is orange and the standby light which is not lit up.

How do I set up a PPOE or clone the computers MAC?

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Please tell us what operating systems you are using. What type of internet service o you have? What modem do you have and does it have any lights on it?


Thanks you machead3. After going to the link we discovered it was a simple fix. We have internet on both computers now.


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line goes into a special port on the router usually it's a colored one. Other computers go into the other ports.

DEPENDING UPON YOUR PROVIDER you may have to set up a PPOE on the router, or clone your original computers MAC (nothing to do with Apple Computers) address.

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Use this link if you don't have it. From it you can download TFM. It will have directions.


If you have directions you should go to the router setup page, and use the wizard. If not go through the routers setup pages until you find select your internet connection type (WAN) and use the online help.


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