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Ein Smartphone der Ascend Series von Huawei, herausgekommen im Oktober 2014.

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need help-fix my own screen - broken cellphone

I dropped my Huawei ascend g7 cellphone and broke the screen. Phone is working but glass is broken. I researched for screen replacement but cannot find anyone to fix it. most of the websites offer pricing for only iphones and blackberries. I guess I have to find my own way.

picture of my phone in this link


I found the screen in ebay and on amazon and am confused on what to get right.

there is this one for 27usd


and this one for 7.50 USD


which one should I get?

Aliexpress also has to items with varied pricing.


btw: [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG3dkLtB...[/url] the video to replace is very detailed and I am sure I can do it.

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If you want the easiest way to repair, buy the frame + LCD + Digitizer. I think it will cost about $30 more but it will be worth it more for you in this case.

Most huawei phones use Phillips head and certain torx screws. If you do buy with frame, you can transfer the board and other small components that are glued to the frame and needed to be taken out. The cables for the logic board are either held by a clip, plugged into logic board or for example, the volume and power buttons are soldered to the logic board meaning that you will need to loosen the adhesive to the frame for the volume and power button flex.

The logic board is usually also held by notches, not really sure what to call them but they hold the logic board in place.

I always go with eBay over alibaba, I don't like asking for quotes and not being able to buy the item straight away from there.


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Hi @idontknow there is a repair guide here Huawei Ascend G7 Display Assembly Replacement I know this guide is Italian but if you can download the Google Translation app which is absolutely free it can translate from italian to whatever language you need it in. I hope this helps

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