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Nokia Lumia Icon is a high-end smartphone that runs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system. It was released by Nokia February 2014 also known as Nokia Lumia 929.

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Is the battery user replaceable?

My Icon's battery doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to, and I'm wondering if it can be replaced. I don't want to replace the phone yet!

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Hi @danatoo your battery is replacable but it is difficult and here is the link for the battery for when your ready to replace the battery and I put the video below on how to replace it. https://bestbattery.biz/index.php?option... I do warn though you have to remove alot of things like the cover, camera, motherboard and other stuff it looks like to get to the battery but it's a good way of learning how to repair your own stuff now with that said this is a 4 part video on YouTube but I am going to just give you the link for part one and here it is. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D59fpXa1fr... now you can find all the tools your going to need here at Ifixit and all you have to is go to the parts and tool store I highly recommend the iopener kit or the new ifixit pro kit because after that you only have to buy a bit kit with the iopener or the isesamo opening tool with the pro kit now with your new tools or current ones you should begin by having a pretty good surface to work on and if you got carpet take your shoes and socks off just to prevent static because just a tiny bit of static can fry the sensitive internal components or you can buy the esd bracelet to it's your choice and the reason for all this people are saying the phones battery is not user replaceable but like apple they are just trying to keep you from repairing your own stuff and this guy on youtube figured out how to replace the battery.

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Thanks! Appreciate your help!


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@danatoo yes it is (sort off). Check this video http://youtu.be/D59fpXa1fro

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Thanks! I'll check it out!


Hey @oldturkey03 I posted the link to the same video you posted in the answers just to let you know but I am glad your double checking thanks ☺


@meepfish1 sure did. Sorry, looks like we must have been posting pretty close to the same time.


That's okay @oldturkey03 all is good ☺


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