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LCD Screen Red Channel Flickers Off/On, Freezes

I have a 2011 Macbook Air 13" that has a screen problem. Primarily, the red channel seems to flicker off and on, also sometimes the image freezes where the mouse cursor doesn't move. Putting pressure on the screen seems to make the problem stop, particularly if I press against the back side of the screen like if I were closing the lid. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to make the screen work again just the amount that it takes to put forward pressure against the hinge, but as soon as I let go the problem comes back. An external monitor displays normally so I am certain the problem is in the screen and nothing logic board related. I posted a video below where you can see what I mean as soon as I press on it the flickering stops and as soon as I let go it come back. I couldn't capture it on video since it isn't doing it right now, but sometime the screen just fades to gray.

I am prepared to replace the LCD glass and I'm aware of the difficulty involved, but before I go and order a panel, is there anything else that I can do or check first? I know there are a couple connections along the bottom edge of the screen once the bezel is removed. Is the LVDS connector replaceable on these?

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I ended up narrowing down the problem to the panel. I removed the screen bezel and found that problem would come and go when I pressed the left side flex cable that connects the panel to the controller board. Note, I am not referring to the LVDS cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard. The problem is with the flat, orange flex cable that comes out of the panel and goes to the control board that the LVDS cable connects to. I ended up using some double sided tape to hold the flex cable in a position where the screen is consistently functioning properly. I'm guessing at some point I will just have to bite the bullet and replace the panel, but for now it is working normally and not exhibiting the problem anymore.

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Hi Joe,

My macbook air 2011 13" has the same problem. Did you have do disassemble the LCD from the panel/bezel ?

Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMaxUqs5...




I did not remove the panel from the housing. I removed the trim/bezel and found a spot on the board where applying pressure would make the problem stop. I placed some foam back taped on that are and re-installed the bezel, which greatly improved the problem, but did not completely resolve it. In the end, the only way to fix it was to replace the screen.


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