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The Sprout Channel Cubby™ was first produced in 2014, it is a child friendly device that provides the functionality of a tablet. It boasts a 1024x600 touch screen, Two 2 megapixel cameras (one rear facing and one front facing), Parental controls and security, HDMI connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, 16GB Memory, 1GB RAM, and a 1.2 Ghz processor. It has access to internet and various application stores and applications, which can be limited by the parental controls

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How to replace LCD screen

My son broke his sprout cubby, the outter screen is cracked and when it is turned on the display is the classic liquidy, black stuff and whitescreen everywhere else. How can I fix this? I have a feeling I not only have to replace the digitizer, but also the LCD, but can only find how-tos on the digitizer.

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I have a repair video on Youtube.


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Your video makes it look easy, you reference buying a replacement screen on eBay, how do you know what to buy?


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