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The eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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Shifter is messed up

While driving home after auto zone read my check engine light code ( it was speed sensor module which turned off after they checked it) and my shifter started acting up, not going into gears. When it would go into gear, it wouldn't go past 40. And now the end result is stuck in neutral. I can freely move around the shifter with car in and off with and without the clutch. But nothing happened. Is it the master or slave cylinder or the linkage?

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Sorry, I don't know your car in particular.

You mention master and slave cylinders, which tells me you have a manual box.

So if you say it doesn't go past 40,, in which gear is that? in 1st this would be normal and not recommended, neither would it surprise me in 2nd

in 5th gear it would certainly not be a good idea to try and accelerate at 40 km/h.

So stuck in neutral means to me clutch for bent or slave cylinder and or master cylinder gone.

The 'linkage would be a pipe,which is unlike to be damaged but then you never know.

How is your fluid level?

Have you lost a lot?

if so , check where it is wet and change that one.

If they are expensive for your car get a repair kit!

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Checking the Master cylinder fluid level will tell you immediately if you have a leak in the clutch hydraulic system.

I am also confused to if you have a manual or automatic. The speed sensor on a manual is for the speedometer while on a automatic controls a lot more. A failed speed sensor on an automatic would cause a limp mode which locks the car into 2nd gear.

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How to fix a Mitsubishi 2006 Lancer gear shift

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* How to fix a Mitsubishi 2006 Lancer gear shift


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