Das iPad Mini 4 mit der Modellnummer A1583 hat die gleiche Power wie das iPad Air 2 in kleinerem Format. Es wurde am 9. September 2015 angekündigt.

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sleep/lock button not working after screen assembly replacement

I just got finished plugging in a new screen assembly for the iPad mini 4. I moved the original home button over, put a thin layer of tape all the way around the screen, and moved the black fabric tape from the old screen at the bottom to the new screen. Everything seemed to work fine except the sleep/wake feature. I could hold the power button down to turn it on or off but I could not put it to sleep once the screen was on. Nor could I turn it on when the screen timed out with the power button, only the home button.

So I checked again and made sure that everything was covered up with tape or fabric and it looks good. Then I took the old broken screen and connected it without the home button and the power button worked fine with the old screen. But When I connect the new one, even not glued to the frame, the power button will not work to put it to sleep or wake the device up, only to shut down or off. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?

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I have one at my shop doing the same. I believe it may be related to the small piece on the bottom near the home button that requires soldering. It is the same as the iPad Air 2. Did you transfer that piece and solder it onto the new screen? This may be the answer

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I changed the screen for the ipad mini 4 and didn't realize the bottom ribbon cable was soldered to the connection. I heated it with a heat gun and was able to remove the cable from the connector with a pair of tweezers, but I had to use extreme caution. it took a long time to get it loose. I actually broke the connector on the top getting it loose. Once loose, it used a magnifying glass and pair of tweezers to push the end of the ribbon cable into the connector. holding my breath, I connected the screen to the motherboard and tested it and luckily it worked and the button also functioned normally. I don't think I will be doing any of these replacements as it was extremely time consuming. Best of luck to all!

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