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Polaroid Sun 600 LMS instant camera. Released 1983.

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My Polaroid Sun 600 LMS camera will not charge?

I put the brand-spankin'-new film pack into it, and the camera seemed happy (it spit out the dark slide like it was supposed to, and when I held down the trigger half-way to charge the camera, the red light came on to indicate that it was working). However, after waiting the allotted time, the red light never changed to green, and the camera has not flashed once upon fully pulling the trigger. It hasn't even spit out a blank image.

According to my research, I should be able to hear it charging, but I hear nothing despite clearly seeing the red light indicator. I've attempted to take photos in various lighting situations, all indoors, sometimes with natural light and sometimes with electric, all to no avail. It isn't an issue of temperature. It isn't an issue of distance.

Clearly, there is power, and clearly my camera receives this power to a certain extent, but it isn't flashing, and it isn't actually capturing any images. It's like it's trying to send the power to it, but halfway there it hits a wall.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? If it's a bust, that's fine, but I got my camera for a very good deal, so if I could simply replace a part rather than replacing it entirely, that would make my life. No one else seems to have had this problem that I can tell from mere Internet searching. I'm rather attached to the little guy in spite of the fact that he doesn't seem to have actually ever taken a photo.

I have wanted to own a polaroid since I was a little girl, and everything was going so well (until the fire nation attacked). Any advice would be welcome!

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I have the same problem. There is a permanent beeping and the red light never goes off. I've tried it with new film packs. What should I do?


Try Deoxit D5 contact cleaner, it worked for me.


Where do you put the cord to charge this at??? Please answer


Hi @ Abby Hettmannsperger,

There is no battery in the camera to charge.

The battery is in the film pack that you load into the camera.

You cannot charge this with a cord.

See the first answer below.


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Did you use one of those old expired Polaroid 600 film pack or a new Impossible Project film pack ? There is a good chance something wrong with the film pack than camera. My guess is half dead battery specailly if you used an old Polaroid pack. There is a little chance you have a dead battery problem with Impossible Project packs but you can never be sure. I guess only option you have is trying another pack.

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Try some of this stuff, spraying some contact cleaner inside the shutter release button and inside the cracks of the flash connection to the camera and on the copper plates where the film pack goes. I tried this when I had the same problem and it worked within 10min. I used "Deoxit D5". You can get it on Amazon. Good Luck!!

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I have found a partial way around this if you don’t need the flash. I didn’t realize there are two buttons. There is the main one with the red on the front but the other one is just behind it and hangs down. This is for shooting thru windows. I have gotten it to charge long enough to get film out of the camera. I noted that this pack expired 2018, I bought it 2019. So odds are the new batteries don’t last as long as the old ones even though usually when I get thru a back , I can take that battery out and still have 5-6 volts left on the battery (good enough to ruin an LED to test. (1.5/3 volts max 6 volts no! I have managed to charge some phones cutting the bad USB micro cords and reusing those. pretty much any crappy new micro only usb cord would work. mini usb and usb c I haven’t had issues with those. Thats just for recycling the battery power. WD-40 makes a contact cleaner but where the heck do I shoot it in for flash contacts , I know where the power ones are although usually you need something to rub it out and rubbing the sparky battery isn’t a good idea.

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