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Sony VAIO PCG-91111M laptop.

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Black screen while starting and shuts down immediately no sound

When I start the notebook green light on the power on button lights up, access to CD /DVD can be heard and can be opened but then the notebook shuts down. The screen stays black always. Any ideas?

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Sounds like a memory problem, First... Unplug your power adapter then remove your battery, and memory modules. Press your start button for 10 seconds then plug in power adapter and memory modules " don't install battery and make sure the memory modules are seated correctly". Then try to start the laptop. If it still shuts down, and you have more then one, check your memory modules by taking one out at a time and try to start. Otherwise... If it still doesn't start, try a known working memory module.

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recently I took apart my pcg-91111m for cleaning and when put back together I had the same problem.

After taking it apart 3 times to check if I forgot/damaged something I found out that my top RAM slot was malfunctioning although I didn't remove/touch these in the 1st place (which I actually should have before cleaning..).

I found that I had to test each slot seperatly with each RAM card individually.

If this is your problem I recommend buying a single 4gb or 8gb RAM card for the working slot and keeping the defective one empty (since you won't be running much with your 2gb cards..).

I put in a 4gb and this has worked well for me although had I given it more time I would've bought an 8gb.

Also I believe the pcg-91111m motherboard doesn't support more then 8gb RAM so don't bother with a 16gb card (they're also really expensive..).

I found that 4gb cards go for about 20 dollars each and 8gb around 30 each.

Hope this helped, and good luck.



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same problems here on two different computers - actual problem was memory controller on motherboard on first computer and second computer one cheapo memory socket was bad. Sony had a recall on some models with defective memory controllers but Sony limited the recall to a few of their models - and of course they didn't cover all the ones with affected memory controllers, only the models popular with commercial/business customers.

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