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Released 1995, identified by word TI-92 labeled on upper right corner of the screen

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Why it does not turn ON anymore.

Do someone knows how to reset or turn ON this calculator?

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Hi, I have the some issue, but I didn't use my calculator since many years... last time the screen was not really clear. I changed all the batteries and the calculatior still not start? How to repair? What to do?



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Check the batteries, then check the backup battery. Is there anything else you can tell us about when the problem started?

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It poured some water it does not workany more

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two probable issues.

The case is not well sealed to prevent entry of moisture. Water can enter and cause corrosion and rot the traces on the circuit board.

Leaving the main batteries (AAx4) in for extended periods can cause the batteries to leak. The location of one of the 4 battery terminals is adjacent to the power button. The battery leakage can corrode the traces on the circuit board. Storing the calculator up-sde-down will speed up the damage from leaking batteries. The battery terminals are of a high quality material and might not show any past battery leakage.

Either condition above can corrode the contacts between the main circuit board and the plastic chassis that holds the batteries. If those contacts look bad, it's more likely the nearby traces on the circuit board are ruined. Careful soldering might restore the operation but the key contact side is gold over copper traces.

IMO, these 2 problems are due to a poor case/layout design.

A simple test to see if the calculator is getting any power is to use a AM radio, turned on, volume up so you can hear static, tuned away from any radio station, held next to the calculator when you push the power button on the calculator. This test works on many electronic devices. Most solar powered calculators run on low power they emit nearly no rfi so the radio test won't work on those. If the power is getting to the circuit board, you will hear the generated rfi (radio frequency interference) in the radio. If you do hear the calculator rfi, then the LCD display may be bad. Failing LCDs can be seen by black around the perimeter.

In order to gain access to the main circuit board, the module must be removed and that will certainly cause the loss of any stored memory, possibly all apps and perhaps the operating system. It may be necessary to reload the operating system and apps using a ti link cable if that is even possible. TI does have software on line as of this time that can be transferred using a TI Link Connectivity cable. There is a warning label inside the calculator to not remove the module. There is a Static Ram chip (Toshiba TC551001BFTL-85L) on the main circuit board that probably has the factory programming (os and default apps). My guess is the module is a dynamic ram chip for storing your programs and imported apps.

IMO, a non-working TI-92 is just electronic trash waiting for you to send it to an electronics/computer recycling center to recover the gold. I've done some recent online research and discovered a used & working TI-92 is less to buy than just the link cable.

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I did a little video series on my latest TI-92 situation. Was able to resolve with a thorough cleaning and a new set of batteries, plus dimming the display once powered on since the screen was like black entirely.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQOAxc9f...
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHfKXPiz...
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HX28apk...

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