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Der eMac war ein alles-in-einem, auf G4 basierender Mac, der für den Bildungsmarkt konzipiert wurde. Es war der letzte Mac, der über ein CRT Display verfügte, und er wurde zu günstigen Preisen an Schulen und andere Einrichtungen verkauft.

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Replacing CRT with LCD

Dear I know it is outdated but I have an e Mac G4 1.25 GHz machine which I love very much and am going to replace CRT with an LCD but I want to use its own power supply to run everything and have omitted the high tension components and now it switches ON but needs to connect the round IVAD board so I need the circuit diagrams of analog board and details of Vga Connector Pin 4&10 with yellow wires and said to be I2C line.

I will be very thankful if you can provide me on rinclairelectronics@Gmail.Com

Thanks anyway but please reply whatever.


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Could you please tell me about conversion CRT to LCD, I have one eMac G4 700, and want to move CRT to LCD :(


What you want to know and technically what can you do in electronics, I mean at what level you can work and understand.


Oh sorry for missing this message. I can solder and have suitable instruments for that :)


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Here is the pinout of a VGA cable. The VGA spec is a standard, so this should be universally applicable

Block Image

I couldn’t find a diagram of the board, but I did manage to dig up some info that could help. You will have to view it via The Wayback Machine as the original site is long gone.


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Dear I've done my conversion following this post only but I couldn't get the LCD he used so all is working but as he said it black out as I start game.


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