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The V2000 is a Compaq Presario notebook computer developed by HP under the Compaq name. The V2000 is the sibling of the HP DV1000, so the two share many features and specifications, though the DV1000 cost about USD $100 more when both computers were sold in the early 2000s.

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stays black when you turn it on

my computert stays black when you turn it on wwhy

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K SEARS could be caused by a bad backlight, bad LCD panel or bad GPU. First thing you want to do is to attach an external monitor. If you have a proper image with that you know that your GPU is ok (motherboard). Then focus on your LCD. Check with a flashlight by shining it at an angle against your LCD see if you can make something out. That would be a failed backlight possibly caused by a bad inverter. Check on here how to fix it. You can also download the service manual from here which will show you the inverter as well as LCD replacement procedure.

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