iPhone 6 dead after iOS 9.3.1 update, trying to rule out hardware

I updated to iOS 9.3.1 last week. I had problems with the screen blacking out after the update, after a few minutes white apple logo screen and it would instantly start back up.

On Sunday, while driving my car, phone at 50% but plugged in, the phone screen went black and will not restart. There is no sign of life.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I took the phone to the Apple Store and they could not get the phone to do anything, like i said, it is dead. It is a few months out of warranty so they were no help. Wondering if there are others in same situation. Phone is only 8 months old. No damage at all, and no problems until recent update.

I have tried:

restarting the phone by holding the sleep and home button

restarting the phone by itunes

charging the phone in the wall, laptop and portable charger

turning the phone on

flicking the ringer

cleaning the charging port

-and finally, I even used iFixIt and replace the lightning port with a new one.

but it just stays completely black.

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Let's see, you've been charging your iPhone 6 using a car charger which is a bad idea if it's not a high quality one. Either the battery or the charging IC chip has gone bad. If it's worse case scenario, the power IC chip has gone bad instead.

The software update is just coincidental.

Note: Bad quality chargers can kill batteries and burn out components on the logic board such as the power and charging IC chip.


So what steps should I take, is that a motherboard issue if the power or charging IC Chip went bad? Cheaper to replace the battery? I have already replaced the lightning usb connector on the phone.

For what its worth, I have used the same car charger for over a year on the same phone, never an issue before, but I am willing to troubleshoot it.


It's a lot cheaper and safer to try replacing battery first.

Other than that I'd take it to a mobile phone repair shop that does board repairs as this is pretty hard to troubleshoot if the battery is not at fault as you've already replaced the charger port and tried some troubleshooting steps.


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