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A top-loading washing machine by Fisher&Paykel.

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needs a service error 130

machine starts then shows needs service error 130

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What is the model number of your washing machine?


WL26CW2 is the model number


Aquasmart 8kg

Model Number- WL80T65CW

Product Code- 93114-B


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Vanessa Bourne most likely (will confirm after you identify your model properly)

130. (10000010) Rotor Position Sensor Error

The Motor Control Module has found an error in the pattern received from the Rotor Position Sensor. Likely causes of this fault are a bad connection on the harness between the Rotor Position Sensor and the Motor Control Module, or a faulty Rotor Position Sensor.

Primary Source: Wiring.

Action: Check for corrosion on the RAST connector of the Rotor Position Sensor and the Motor Control Module connector.

Secondary Source: Rotor Position Sensor.

Action: Check the Rotor Position Sensor with an R.P.S. tester. Replace if faulty.

Tertiary Source: Motor Control Module.

Action: Replace Motor Control Module.

Quaternary Source: Rotor

Action: Ensure the correct rotor for this series of machine has been fitted

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hallo there - in New Zealand we have a machine known as a 612

- the rps is very poorly designed ( worse than the older machines )

the horisontal wiring socket - traps soap powder

you might be able to separate the wiring from the rps & clean it up

using something like CRC etc ( & re-fit it etc )

--------------> better still there is a new part available with an integrated wiring loom

you need to run the new sub cable up to the Motor Controller Module and plug it in

and you need to cable tie the sub cable to the existing loom with afew modest cable ties

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