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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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What is capacity of washer?

What is washer capacity?

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My washer is a Kenmore elite model #110.45986400. Do you know the capacity?


How about 110.21182012?


Hi @parkside9

What is the model number of the washing machine?

You have provided the part number for the owner manual for a washing machine and it doesn't state which model

Is it a Kenmore 796.3151 model?


It is Model # 796.3151#21#


what is the cubic ft of a Kenmore 110.21882 001 model?


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carolraden, most standard for the 110 series washer is 3.2 cu. ft. of capacity. If you give us your complete model number, we can most likely give you all the specs.

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My complete model # is 110.5142510


My model # is 110.42924 200 Kenmore Elite HE3t


My model number is 110.92292800. Thanks, in advance. - Karen :)


@Karen Winegardner 3.4cu.ft


Do you know the capacity of Kenmore Model # 110.20022014?

Thank you so much, K. Watts


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Hi @kw457jhr,

I can’t find the exact information regarding the capacity of your model washer so here’s a link that shows how to calculate it.


I’ve restored your deleted comments and deleted the duplicated ones. Sometimes the Ifixit spam iRobot gets it wrong and deletes comments/answers/questions which have long number strings for the model number, as it thinks that it is a spam phone number. By reopening your comments it “teaches” the iRobot so it knows better next time.


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My Kenmore is 110.20022012 model. What is the capacity?


110. 47798800 HE5T steamer front loader what is the capacity on this washer . Please and thank you


@Mary Gamboa

The capacity is approx. 4 cu.ft.


Thank you so much for you help . I really appreciate it.


Capacity of Kenmore 110.25132411


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Hi @ronalddudl20037

Here's the owner manual for the 110.4418* series washer that may help.

On p.6 it shows the dimensions required if installing it in an enclosed space.

On p.15 it shows the loading suggestions for the model series.

If you wish to know the capacity of the tub, here's a link that shows how to work it out.

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