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The HP Folio 13 is a 13-inch laptop introduced by HP.

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How do I replace the hard drive?

I ran a smart check on the laptop and it failed, does anyone know how to replace the hard drive?

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If you look on the bottom of the laptop, it will likely have a cover that can be removed. You are looking for a cover with a few screw holes in it and maybe a logo of 3 discs indicating a hard drive. Once you remove that the hard drive should be right below it. Be careful when removing the hard drive as most are installed on a sensitive port which if bent too far will break and will need some serious repair to fix.

Once you replace the hard drive you will need to reinstall windows (or your preferred OS) from scratch.

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Hello Jack,

Here is a step by step removal and replacement of a hard drive from www.hp.com website.



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