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Released April 2013, model numbers GT-N5100 (3G & Wifi), GT-N5110 (Wifi), and GT-N5120 (3G, 4G/LTE & Wifi)

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1/3 of screen is black- is it possible to fix that?


Recently a heavy object landed on my tablet (samsung galaxy Note 8.0) and the result was that about 1/3 of the display in the middle went black. The whole screen is still touch responsive - the black part also detects touch.

My findings:

The black part is not dead. It still has some brightness.

In the dead part contains some red pixels that are very hardly visible.

I have opened the back of the tablet and tried to reconect some connectors (red circles on the second picture) but nothing changed.

Is there any way to fix this bold black line on the display?


Block Image

Block Image

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I think it has nothing to do with loose connectors, you lcd is probably damaged.

the only way to fix this is to place a new lcd.

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