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Erschienen im Frühjahr 2014. Ausgestattet mit einem 5,5" Bildschirm. Ursprüngliches Betriebssystem war CyanogenMod 12S. Modellbezeichnung "ONE A0001"

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Device randomly shut off, wont respond to charger.

So, I was using my oneplus one and it randomly shut off. It wont respond to anything. That means, double taps, any gestures or plugging it into a charger or computer. I know I had enough battery to last about 5-6 hours. It charged just fine. My power button and volume buttons dont work. I think I messed them up while I replacing the screen. Weird thing, the power button worked when I made the switch so I was able to turn on the phone but then just stopped working after it like literally 10 minutes later. I could order another battery, volume and power button. But, I dont know how to replace the volume and power button. ANY type of help would be greatly appreciated!

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Volume and powerbuttons are to be soldered to the main board with the OPO. I would try a new battery or send it to a professional shop to help out with the volume/power issues.


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