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Second generation of the Acura TL.

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My Acura TL keeps shutting down

Why does my car start up but after 3-5 secs its cuts off?

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@blue2204 you need to give us much more information than a single one-liner. What exact make and model? What engine? What have you checked? Has anything happened or did this just start out of the blue? The more information you provide, the higher the likelihood that someone can help you with this.


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Hello, I had this problem with my car as well. More specifically, my car would shut down while driving or idling with no apparent reason, full tank of gas, recent oil change, no noises, no nothing. After parking and trying to start it many many times, the car would start again without me really doing anything then drive like nothing happened until the problem inexplicably happened again, a day, a week, or several weeks later. In my case the problem was a faulty ignition switch. There was apparently a manufacturer recall of the problem when it happened and if you are the first owner and the problem never happened before the company will send you a replacement part in the mail, I think. As I was not the first owner of the car and did not know if the problem had been fixed in the past i was on my own. Luckily the part was fairly inexpensive and my mechanic did the work for cheap. Total I believe I spent sell than $100. Google Acura ignition switch and include your model year. Or you can order the part directly from your local Acura dealer. Hope this helps

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